Sunday, 18 April 2010

1250 Point Blood Angels List

I've given in, and I've bought both the new BA codex and some of the plastic sets. I love the parts on the Death Company sprue, and armed with some Green Stuff and my bits box, I'm taking the parts and scattering them through the unit's I'm currently assembling. Granted, this will set back my painting of them by a few days - but that is surely a small price to pay to give them all some awesome Blood Angels flavouring. 

I've not spent nearly enough time on my Blood Angels recently - I've recently got involved in organised skepticism, which is almost a second job! In between organising meeting, talks, appearing on a podcast and even giving a talk myself I somehow thought it was a good idea to help paint a friends Black Templars army! I'll be posting a few pictures of them eventually, they are finished to match the Black Templars test model I posted a few months back and I think they turned out pretty groovy.

Still, my Blood Angels are calling to me, and I've written a 1250pt list to get me started in 5th edition. This list is far from perfect, but it's all models that are completed or close to completion, so I have a good chance of getting it fully painted.

1250pt Blood Angels List

Recclusiarch with Jump Pack

10 Man Tactical Squad, Power Sword, Plasma Cannon, Melta-Gun, Rhino
10 Man Assault Squad, Jump Packs, Power Fist, Plasma Gun, Infernus Pistol
5 Man Scout Squad, 4 Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher

Fast Attack
5 Man Vanguard Veteran Squad, Power Fist, 2 Power Swords, Infernus Pistol

Heavy Support
Rifleman Dreadnought
5 Man Devastator Squad, 2 Missile Launchers

It's not a list I'm proud of - I'd have dropped the tacticals for a second assault squad, taken the assault squads in transports, with the Vanguard dropped for a few priests and the Dev's dropped for a Baal, but I'm refusing to proxy for this. Being forced to play with what resources I have will help my playing in the end - one day I will have the models painted for a list I'm truly happy with.

I'm also going to magnetise the jump packs on my assault marines, so I can take them with or without them - they look so much cooler with, but it seems they perform better without. That should rock quite hard.

- Gavin Schofield

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