Thursday, 1 October 2009

Finished Ork Boy

I've finished the test model for my Ork army, completed in a short time using basic colours and Army Painter quickshade. I've gone for a muted look for my scheme, but with lighter colours than usual on an Ork. A lot of Ork armies I see on the table are very, very dark, and I think this detracts from the army as a whole - but on the same hand, I don't want to have incredibly bright and clean Orks.

Here's the Ork next to one of my Blood Angel scouts, for comparison.

Expect to see more of my Orks posted here soon.

- Gavin

1 comment:

Rogue Pom said...

I have seen that Army Painter dip used a lot recently and am very impressed with it - using that you should be able to knock up you lads quite quickly.

The colour scheme you have used is cool - you're right about the number of dark Ork armies out there. Most people seem to have forgotten (or come after) the old glory days of garishly coloured boys.

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