Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Awkward Basing

I'm back after a hobby free Christmas and New Year, and I'd better get working if I want a painted Blood Angels army ready for April. I've started off slowly, now I'm a hairs-breadth away from a finished ten man tactical squad.

I've been trying to get the smaller pieces from the 40K basing set to fit on bases without taking up too much room, and as I don't have anything powerful enough to sand away that much resin I've had to resort to cutting away the base instead. You can see my rough handiwork in the extremely low quality image to the right, I'll have to fill in the gaps with green stuff.

With any luck you'll be seeing more of my Blood Angels completed and on the pages of this blog within a few weeks.

- Gavin

1 comment:

James said...

Lookin solid man! I like your painting style. You should give a review of quickshade and/or the process. The ork below is a masterpiece - finally an Ork player not afraid to go with an inventive pallete!

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