Sunday, 22 March 2009

Slow Progress (Updated 29th April)

Work on  my Blood Angels has resumed, but it's going quite slow. Here's some pictures of what I've managed so far.

Black Reach Captain (WiP)

I'm going to give this captain a Storm Shield (purely cosmetic) and the usual power sword, as I think the Bolter is a bit too bland for a captain. This model will represent the captain of the 7th company, the purple details are part of his personal heraldry.

Death Company (WiP)

I'm using the Vanguard Veterans as my Death Company with jump packs, because the models ROCK! Not done much work yet, just added a little Mecherite Red as a basecoat for my usual red.

Dreadnought (WiP)

I have a pair of alternate arms for this Dread, a Twin Las / Missile Launcher I'd salvaged from my old Imperial Fists. The red has been competed here, but the detail work has only just begun.

Complete Army (so far)

Roughly 2000pts, although it's a very illegal 2000pt army, as it has 4 Elites and 4 HQ.

First Combat Squad (finished)

You may recognise some of these from my earlier posts last year. I've tidied them up, finished the Sarge and added a Heavy Bolter Devasator marine. This squad brings my completed marines up to a mighty 10.

This is my total army so far, most of which is unassembled:

- 2 Captains
- 2 Librarians
- 1 Chaplain
- 5 Death Company
- 10 Terminators
- 20 Tactical Marines
- 5 Sniper Scouts
- 20 Devastators
- 2 Dreadnoughts
- Forgeworld Chaplain Dreadnought (Death Company Venerable Furioso, he will rock)
- Baal Predator
- Whirlwind
- Rhino

- Inquisitor and Retinue
- 10 Deathwatch
- 8 Grey Knights



The Great Unwashed said...

I love the guy with the powerfist (that isn't here but is on GT). He's delicious! The quartered knee-guard is great.

It's hard to make a comment on the others properly as they're all WIP but it's easy to see they're going to turn out really well!

Gavin Schofield said...

Here's Mr. Fist;


The 25mm Warrior said...

All right a fellow Blood Angel player!!! Nice paint job Brother, very clean and smooth. I dig!

Largenton said...

Very nice Gav, superb painting as always.

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