Sunday, 19 April 2009

Experiment with Quickshade (Updated 20th April)

I recently picked up a tin of this stuff. If it did what it said on the tin, I could finally finish some of the armies that I just can't bring myself round to paint, like the Empire I have sat in a box in the loft.
I decided to test it on an Eldar Guardian, because I had a strange urge to paint some Eldar. The colour scheme is base on Adam FitzGerald's Eldar army, because they rock.

I first slapped on a quick layer of Hormagaunt Purple, with Skull White and Iyanden Darksun in places, with Blood Red Eyes. Took me about 5 seconds, and that's it. I added some sand to the base and simply painted that Khemro Brown, although that was after the picture was taken.

Apologies for the poor quality of the picture.

I then dipped it into the quickshade, shook it off and left it to dry for 12 hours. I then painted the bases rim black, and sprayed with Matt varnish.

I'm actually quite impressed with this stuff. I once tried the same with Wood Stain (inspired by a thread on WarSeer), but it failed. I'm definitely gonna use this stuff to finish my Empire, and may even start an Eldar army painted this way. Not gonna touch my Blood Angels with it though, I prefer the results from 'real' painting.

UPDATE - I've now finished a unit of 4 Guardians in this method, here's a group shot. Took around half an hour from prime to painted for 3 of them, and then 12 hours to dry from the dipping. I've also added Static Grass to finish the unit

- Gavin

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Silar said...

Where did you find this quickshade? It looks good..

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