Monday, 27 April 2009

Experiment with Quickshade - Part 2

I was mightily impressed by my first use of the Army Painter Quickshade, which made a simple box of 4 snap together Guardians look like this:

I thought they looked great, especialy since I put pretty much no time or effort into them. Unfortunately, I don't collect Eldar, so they were pretty useless to me. I've decided to put some Quickshade to use on an army I actualy collect, Empire. Here is a handgunner painted in a very basic scheme of Iyanden Darksun / Blood Red.

Pretty rubbish looking, and the photgraphs don't help at all. I then dipped the model, left it to dry and applied Matt Varnish. Unlike my Guardians this didn't work perfectly first time, the yellow had turned into a Vomit Brown, although I was pleased with the Red, the face and the gun. I think the solution for this would be to use a cheap molehair paintbrush to liberaly splash the shader on the model, leaving less splotches. 

I decided to try and salvage this model by going over the yellow with a new coat of Iyanden, which is something I've not tried yet. I think this saved the model, and I can now proudly use this, as long as I keep him in the rear ranks.

I pulled an old Imperial Officer out of my bits box, and applied a fresh coat of paint to his armour and cloth. I'm going to test the brush on method with this model next.

More Blood Angels coming soon, painted with real  painting...



oni said...

They look really good. I think what you could have done to prevent the yellow from changing is once dipped, take a brush and pull away most of the shade from the yellow parts.

Gavin Schofield said...

The problem with this stuff is that it can mess your Sable brushes up pretty well, they get far too sticky and take about 10 minutes washing to get working as even a drybrush. I used toilet paper to brush off the excess on the handgunners pants, but it didn't work too well.

What I think would be best is putting less shade on using a cheap nasty decorating brush.

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