Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Return of the Tau.... er, Kroot! - Part 1

I don't think I've posted them on here before, but my previous army was the Tau. I managed to collect nearly 3000pts of Tau through buying plenty of battleforces, and I probably got them 60% completed, which is insanely complete for me. Here's a few of the finished models, all painted around 2 years ago:

Here are 2 of my Basic Fire Warriors. I had 36 of these, 24 of which were finished. The blue was achieved using Basecoat/Wash/Highlight, a similar technique to my current Blood Angels armour, although it was a little more basic. The red barrels were deliberately bright, I wanted them to look almost like toy guns.
This is my main commander, whose name I have forgotten. This guy was a Guard/Eldar killing machine, but could hardly scratch an MEQ list. For when I was playing against MEQ, I had a Forgeworld battlesuit with twin-linked plasma guns and a hefty shield.

This is my 1000pt army taking to the field at the Golden Throne Tournament 2007, where I came exactly middle of the results. I took an army designed for killing Guard and Eldar, since they were the most prevalent. I came up against 2 Guard armies (which I dismantled with incredible anti-infantry firepower), a Mechanised Squat army (which took me by suprise, and thrashed me - they used the Guard rules by the way) and a Necron army (where he made all his We'll Be Back rolls, so I couldn't dent him!)

I've been sorely tempted to dig this army out and complete all the models I own (without buying any more). Rather than do that right now, I've decided to quickshade my squad of 15 Kroot. I'm not a Kroot fan, and I never inteded to put them together and use them, but Quickshade will allow me to finish them incredibly quickly, and will give me another completed unit to field when I do dig out the Tau.

Here's one of my Kroot pre-shade. I used foundation paints, and did one of the sloppiest paint jobs of my life. Thats the beauty of quickshade, it's letting me finish all the odd jobs I've been meaning to do, but could never be bothered to finish. It's also been very distracting for my Blood Angels, I keep putting them off to finish Kroot, Empire and other such rubbish.

I've dipped the first 5, and it'll take 12 hours to dry. After that they'll need a coat of Matt Varnish and then bases painting. I'll post the results when I've finished.

- Gavin 


The 25mm Warrior said...

Those Tau look mint mate! Your a very skilled painter and I really appreciate all the comments you've left for me. I responded to your most resent one but not sure if you get notified if I did. I want to see more of those Tau!

Oh and btw... what kinda shade you using anyway?

Gavin Schofield said...

Cheers mate, glad you like them.

I'm using the strong shade, finding it incredibly useful to get models finished that I've been meaning to do for a long time. Got the idea from your Blood Angels!

1McArdle said...

What are the colours you use for the fire warriors

Gavin Schofield said...

I'm not entirely sure, but when I re-discover it I'll post a guide.

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