Thursday, 30 April 2009

Quickshade Part 3 - Objectives & Imperial Officer

Here's one more post regarding my experiments with this stuff, which I love. It's been a great help for me, allowing me to finish units and models that have been sat in my bits box for years in minutes. It's not something that gives amazing results, but it gives very respectable results, which will do just as well half the time. I'm never going to use nothing but quickshade on my models, but I can see myself painting up second and third armies using this. You can see my previous dippings in these posts:

Recently I've spotted a shedload of well modeled objective markers around the 40k blogscene. A crashed Falcon, a Wraithgate, wounded Battle Brothers and Guardsmen, Nurgle Trees and Eldar Escape Pods

Naturaly this would inspire me to model my own, perhaps cutting up a spare Rhino and filling it with wounded Blood Angels for my Sanguinary Priests to tend to. Well, that's far too much work for me, so I did the next best thing.

I grabbed some vaugely important looking Imperial Machinery from my bits box, and stuck it on round bases. Most of these pieces came from the Battle for Macragge box set, which is suprising since I never owned that set. A quick Chainmail drybrush, pick out some details with brass, gold and black, and a dip in the army painter.

Nothing awe-inspiring, but they make passable markers for the moment. I added some subtle colour coding to each of the markers, to make it easier to take about them - I could just say "the red marker", and you'd know which one I meant.

One other thing I dipped at the same time was an Imperial Guard Officer, who was featured undipped in an older post. I may end up using this model as a mobile objective, perhaps he's carrying important information which both players need, so he must be taken alive. The paintjob on this model is passable at most, I intended it to be a test model for a possible Imperial Guard army in the future, but I think the scheme pretty much failed.

One interesting thing about this model is the base - I painted it originaly 3 years ago, and at the time I used a much finer material for bases. If you compare it to the bases on the objectives, it shows a marked difference.

This will probably be the last quickshaded models I post for a while now, I really need to concentrate on my Blood Angels. I've got a post about my finished Chaplain and part 2 of my Blood Angels Painting Guide coming up.

- Gavin


Sidestreaker said...

For markers, they look fantastic!

King's Standard Bearer said...

great objectives and a good looking officer.
Some really well painted stuff on this site I can see... I'll follow!
Check my blog out at


Admiral Drax said...

Great work, mate!

- Drax.

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