Saturday, 2 May 2009

Blood Angels Chaplain Grimmauld - Finished!

 I've been doing some work on my Blood Angels recently, and I never seem to finish a model, always puttting one squad closer to being finished then moving to another squad because I get bored. Rather than keep on painting like that, I forced myself to finish my Chaplain, which is a model I field in every game I use my Blood Angels. I've been working on this model on and off for nearly 2 years, which was getting frankly ridiculous.

The picture to the left is the model a few days ago, with a few details yet to go, and the pictures below are of the model finished, but in poorer lighting conditions! I'm quite pleased with the paint-job I've pulled off, the only parts I'm disapointed with are the belt buckle, the base and the handle of his Crozius. I'll be going back to change those bits eventualy.

... and no quickshade involved at all, madness! 

With this fellow painted I'm one step closer towards a fully painted army - I don't think I'll get there soon though! At the moment I'm working on a second tactical squad, 2 Captains, a Librarian, a Whirlwind and a Dreadnought, I'll post those as I complete them.

- Gavin


King's Standard Bearer said...

I love that model and the blood angels colours suit him nicely

Craig @ cadian8th

Gavin Schofield said...

I think he's definitely the best Chaplain model, you're right there. I only bought it because I liked the model, I didn't have a Space Marine army at the time.

oni said...

Nice! You're bases look great too.

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