Sunday, 17 May 2009


First of all, if anyone hasn't noticed yet, the 25mm Warrior is running a caption contest to win some Death Korps. Check it out!

I've also read a great post at 40K Origins on "Why codexes should be free". It makes some great points and is worth thinking about.

I've been doing some painting over the last week, despite my lack of posts, but I just can't seem to finish even one model before I find myself starting the next. Here's whats on my painting table right now:

After reading Battle for the Abyss, I've got an urge to put together a small pre-heresy army of World Eaters, Space Wolves and Ultramarines, so you may see them posted one day - the Ultramarine in the picture is the test model.

As soon as any of those models are finished, more posts will ensue! 

- Gavin


King's Standard Bearer said...

Gavin, can you jiggle the layout of the post around in the HTML screen so that we can click for a larger view?
Craig @ cadian8th

Gavin Schofield said...

Here's a link to the full size image.

I can never get the images to work properly in Blogger, if I link to images they always seem to be displayed incorrectly, and if I upload them to Blogger they only enlarge half the time. Not really looked into it yet.

The 25mm Warrior said...

I'm with ya about images on blogger... bah! Good luck to ya trying to get it to do what ya want it to do.

Space marine cap looks awesome bro! I want to see a close up!

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