Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Armylist of the Empire

I've not posted an armylist for a long time, so I'm going to share with you my planned list for my Talabecland army, the first model of which you can see below. I intend to paint the army as simply and quickly as possible, using the quickshade to get half decent results with minimal effort (my Blood Angels take enough effort on their own!)

The army is based around a few large blocks of infantry, with cannons and hellblasters to pound the enemy as they advance towards the glorious ranks of Karl Franz's infantry, yada yada ya. If the name of the unit is a link, it'll take you to the GW site to show the model I intend to use.

Sword of Sigismund (+1S, Always Strike First)
Dawn Armour & Shield (3+ Save, Re-rolled)
Talisman of Protection (6+ Ward Save)

Griffon Standard (Doubles Rank Bonus)


23 Greatswords
Full HQ

Heavy Armour
Second Warhammer


24 Flagellants (Counts as Core Unit due to Priest)
Prophet of Doom

2 Dispel Scrolls

25 Swordsmen
Full HQ
10 Hangunners as Detachment

25 Spearmen
Full HQ
10 Handgunners as Detachment

3 Great Cannons

Hellblaster Volley Gun

So, any Empire generals out there who can give me an opinion or any advice? 

EDIT (29th April) - From feedback on forums, it seems that:

A - The Warrior Priest may not join the Flaggelants
B - Pistoliers Rock
C - Pistoliers Rock

I'll be updating my list to reflect this.

- Gavin

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