Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Old Models- Better Camera

I've borrowed a decent Sony camera from a neighbour, and played around in photoshop. Before I upload pictures of my latest models, here's some of my older models reposted with better pictures.

Eldar Guardian - Painted this year, this was a very quick and simple paintjob, followed by a dip in the quickshade. Turned out quite well, and I want to one day paint an army in this scheme.

Chaplain Grimmauld - This model was painted this year, and is one of my better painted Blood Angels. This model was the first Blood Angel of the army, in fact it inspired me to collect the Blood Angels again!

Sniper Scout - Painted around 2 years ago, you can see white specks on this model from poor varnishing. I'll get rid of them eventually, but they're not noticeable in the 'flesh'.

A new Blood Angels combat squad and an Assault Marine Captain are coming soon, and maybe some more old models.

- Gavin

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