Saturday, 19 September 2009

Blood Angels Assault Captain

Another one of my Blood Angels characters has finally been completed - this time it is my 8th Company Captain, currently nameless. This guy is equipped with a Jump Pack, Combi-Melta and Power Fist, making him my most expensive character, which means he'll probably only see action in larger games. Click on the pictures for larger versions.

This model was converted way back in August 2007, appearing in my 18th Club Workshed post. As I'm one of the "fastest painters in the world" it only took 2 years and a month to finish it! To mark this model out as a captain I used a larger base and a lot of gold detailing, and I used grey paint on his heraldry to represent the 8th Company.

I'm quite chuffed with the combi-weapon, I think it turned out quite well! I'm going to use the yellow/black hazard marking on all my hand-held melta weapons.

If anyone has any good ideas for this characters name, please post them in the comments section!

- Gavin

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son of kryptman said...

love the captain.i have had my space marine assault captain on the go for a long time and still havent finished.
if you are still looking for a name then i find that using latin words and fraises and that suit the character work well, mine is called furor meening fury.

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