Sunday, 20 September 2009

Over ten years of rubbish - my old models.

I have now been painting 40K and Fantasy models for over 10 years, and posting pictures of them online for nearly 7. I missed my 10th anniversary by 2 months, but here's a belated selection of pictures from the last 10 years. I painted most of these models years ago and as such, they are painted and photographed awfully. You have been warned!

Here's an example : not particularly good!

Click on the images for a closer look, if you dare...

These were the first ever models that I posted pictures of online! They were painted in May 2003 for a friends army (most of which are in my bitz box now!), and as they were the first pictures we ever took they were terrible! I have no idea what happened to these two models in particular. The Epic Salamanders were painted 2 years after this, for my own army.


I really enjoy the LoTR game, although I rarely get to play it. These models were painted between 2003 and 2007, and some of them are almost competent.

I've collected Chaos in both 40K and fantasy, and I do like the army. I did really well in games with my Chaos Marines army, but eventually sold them because they were painted terribly. I still have the fantasy models somewhere wrapped up in a box, and may use them one day.



Other Space Marines
I've collected several different chapters before setting on Blood Angels again, and here's a collection of the different marines I've painted and fielded.




This is one of the only armies in this post where I'm still pleased with the paint job I did, and will one day big them out of the loft and finish the army. I got very close to a completely painted army with these.

Misc 40K
Here's some other odds and ends that I've painted for 40K over the years.


Misc Fantasy
Here's several different photographs of various other Fantasy models over the years.




Other Misc
Here's some odds and ends, pictures of old painting desks and other such things.

That's all for now, I'll go back to painting newly painted models shortly. To close, here's the army lists I took to the two tournaments I competed in (one of which I jointly won!):

1,000pt Tau Army - Golden Throne 2006 Tourney


-Shas'O - Cyclic Ion Blaster, Missile Pod, Shield Generator, Bonded, HW Multi-Tracker

-1 Shas'vre Bodyguard - Burst Cannon, Missile Pod, Shield Generator, HW Multi-Tracker


-6 Man Stealth Team, Bonded, 2 Fusion Blasters, Shas'vre

-2 Man Fire-Knife Crisis Team, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker
Bonded w/ Shas'vre


-12 Fire Warriors, Bonded w/
Shas'ui w/ Target Lock / Markerlight

-12 Fire Warriors, Bonded w/
Shas'ui w/ Target Lock / Markerlight

-12 Fire Warriors, Bonded w/
Shas'ui w/ Target Lock / Markerlight

Result - Halfway up the board!

600pt Space Marine Army - Golden Throne 2005 Doubles Tourney


- Commander with Storm Bolter and Power Sword


- 9 Man Tactical squad in Rhino (with Extra Armour)

- 5 Man Tactical squad with Missile Launcher

- 5 Man Tactical squad with Missile Launcher

- 10 Man Tactical squad with Heavy Bolter 

Result - Victory!

- Gavin


Alex said...

Im sure that squad of salamanders and the rhino weren't mine :S are they even salamanders? I can't tell but they are particularly awfull! Lol, One of the Uruk-Hai pics aren't too bad bad I thought though....

Gavin Schofield said...

Those Salamanders are from Epic, the base is smaller than a penny!

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