Monday, 13 August 2007

Blood Angels Reinforcements

I've recently bought some more units to fit into my list, and have also been given a load of goodies by Alex - my army is taking shape! I shouldn't have to proxy models for much longer.

Here is a summary of my new Blood Angels:


I already owned a Chaplain with jump pack, which was serving me nicely. To that I can now add a Chaplain on foot (should I need one, for s
ome reason), and a converted Jump Pack captain. The Chaplain was a gift from Al, and I couldn't resist making the captain up from my bits box. Backpacks need to be added, and I want to change the Chaplains base for a large round one, a habit of mine - to distinguish the officers from the troops and veterans.

I have also been given two identical Sanguinary Priests (Blood Angel medics). I shall probably give one a jump pack, just in case.


By combining the plastic Devastator box and a plastic Combat Squad box with my bits box (which is full of metal heavy weapons, for some reason), I can assemble:

  • 4 Veteran Sergeants (armed with Bolters, 3 of them are identical metal models!)
  • 4 Multi Melta Devs
  • 3 Lascannon Devs
  • 3 Missile Launcher Devs
  • 2 Heavy Bolter Devs
  • 3 Plasma Cannon Devs
This will give me a wide selection of heavy weapons to use, I could even field four Devastator squads if I wished (and had an extra HS slot!). I plan to use as many bare heads and grooved legs as possible, so they can be fitted into both tactical and devastator squads with ease - I just need to stock up on fodder Devastators to use them effectively.


I've bought and assembled a box of Sniper Scouts, which are handily in my 2000pt list. I want to paint these first.

Variant Sergeants

I've made a few variant Sergeants up as well, armed with power fists and suchlike. This will allow me to change my list in future without remodeling my old Sergeants.

All I need to buy now is a Terminator Librarian, 20 Assault Marines, 2 Forgeworld upgrade packs, 3 Land Speeders and a Razorback. Gonna take me a few months.

- Gavin


Alex said...

I like what you've done to my old junk there man nice one!

Gavin Schofield said...

I'm glad of them, it's just a pity I have no old Necrons you could have. I don't suppose you want a 1,500pt Brettonian army?

Gavin Schofield said...

"Gonna take me a few months" I said, hahaha! It's 19 months later, and all I've managed to do is paint 12 models and basecoat 2000pts with red paint.

Give me 5 years at this rate and I'll have a finished army.

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