Thursday, 2 August 2007

Hello from Brad

Well this is just an introductory post, I don't really have any decent photos of my models so I'm not going to be talking about them much yet. I haven't really done much with my miniatures for a while, just having the odd battle now and then with unpainted models.

So then; I collect Eldar (used to be Ulthwé but I'm thinking of changing them) of which I have close to 2000 points, and roughly 2000 points worth of Blood Angels as well, although I could probably make that a little more, particularly with the new rules. I'm thinking about converting some normal Space Marines into Death Guard for no particular reason, not really collecting them as an army, just something to do.

So yeah that's pretty much it for my armies, as I said I won't be going into too much detail about them yet, that will come later and you can see the make-up of my armies properly. I haven't painted in a long while (I love converting models, so I tend to just make something and then leave it unpainted) but I hope to break out of the trend some time so watch this space. When I do eventually get some models up on here, it will likely either be the Death Guard or some of my Eldar.

- Brad


Gavin Schofield said...

Nice to see someone else on here! I'm not 100% about the different fonts, but it's the best I can come up with to visually distinguish our posts at the moment.

It's annoying when you're reading a post, and have no idea who's posting it.

Brad Fuller said...

True, I think I will make sure to end each post with "- Brad" as well, but I'll still use the specific font.

Gavin Schofield said...

You know that you need to write up a 2,000pt Blood Angels list to use alongside mine against Sam's Tau....

We could have the battle the week after next, using something like 3000-4000 points a side, at Sam's. Take photos, write up a Battle Report, it'll be ace.

Sam Carter said...

I'll write up a 4000 point Tau army hopefully (if I have enough models with mine and Gav's army combined but I think I'll manage). I predict a lot of cruel firepower, loads of FWs, suits, and a few hammerheads, etc. Got any Vespids Gav?

Gavin Schofield said...

Nope, I don't "do" Vespids, nor do I collect them.

Apologies for the poor joke, but I couldn't resist.

*runs off to hide*

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