Monday, 6 August 2007

Mega Battle - 2000pts Blood Angels

Well, seeing as everyone else has, I'm going to post my 2000 point list for the upcoming mega battle - Blood Angels and Eldar versus Tau. The interesting thing about this list is that it the whole list will start in reserve under the escalation rules, so it's going to be vitally important that the allied Eldar units can hold out until they arrive.

I'm not going to mention the tactics I will use for the same reason Brad and Sam didn't - we don't want the opposing side to read them! Rest assured, we'll all post our plans and thoughts after we post the battle report.

It's going to be quite a different army from my normal one, because I don't own too many Blood Angels (a new army for me). Instead, I'll be proxying using Brad's Blood Angels and my Chaos Marines to fill in the gaps. I can't wait to see how my list actually performs on the tabletop....


The list represents almost half of the Blood Angels third company, which has been commandeered by Lord Mephiston until a suitable replacement for Captain Tycho is found. Chaplain Grimmauld is leading the Death Company as usual, and 5 Terminators from the 1st Company have been assigned as support. They are rushing to defend an Imperial World which is under invasion by foul Xenos, and are receiving disturbing reports of in-fighting amongst the Xenos. After 6 hours of mediation en route, Mephiston decreed that the Xenos breed known as "Eldar" shall be used as a tool to remove the larger Xenos threat of the Tau, and thus he opened communications with their leader to negotiate an alliance.

The List!


Chief Librarian Mephtiston - the Lord of Death
accompanied by
5 Honor Guard - Jump Packs, Sanguinary Priest

Chaplain Grimmauld - Jump Pack
accompanied by
6 Death Company - Jump Packs


Terminator Squad - Assault Cannon


10 Assault Marines - Power Weapon Veteran

10 Assault Marines - Power Weapon Veteran

10 Tactical Marines - Power Weapon Veteran, Plasma Gun,
inside a
Drop Pod

Heavy Support

Baal Predator - Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolter


10 Devastator Marines - 4 Multi Meltas
inside a
Drop Pod

Expect a heavily proxied Battle Report sometime soon, perhaps Wednesday.

- Gavin


Sam Carter said...

Characters there Gav? Really?

Hmmm, should be an interesting battle for me, I get chance to use my shooting to the advantage.

Brad Fuller said...

What exactly do you mean by "I get chance to use my shooting to the advantage"?

Sam Carter said...

Well Gav is deep striking meaning I have chance to take his army out piecemeal. Your army being the only one around at the start does help too.

Gavin Schofield said...

You do realise that under the escalation rules, very little of your army starts on the board too.

Sam Carter said...

6 Squads of Fire Warriors, 20 Kroot and 11 Vespid plus my Pathfinders?

Brad Fuller said...

Well we've had the battle now, we should be posting a battle report shortly.

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