Thursday, 2 August 2007

Pre-Heresy Dark Angel

I converted this guy up from the standard Space Marine sprue, mixed with plastic Dark Angel pieces, for a laugh really. He's only WiP, but I might finish him.... one day.

He represents a Pre-Heresy Dark Angel, wearing one of the suits of Mark 6 Corvus armour that was only available towards the very end of the heresy. I think I may convert up 5 of these babies, and use them as Fallen in my Chaos Marine army (a unit of veterans rules wise).

For Pre-Heresy rules, check THIS out.


EDIT - As BowieFan on Golden Throne rightly pointed out, Mark VI armour was not around pre-heresy, so this guy represents a Dark Angel during or straight after the heresy.

- Gavin


Anonymous said...

thats crap lol.

u have put far too much accesories on it.

Anonymous said...

Learn how to spell.

Anonymous said...

All the accessories do kinda clash on him, and besides, pre-heresy armour was supposed to be fairly devoid of liveries and whatnots. I would just keep purity seals and pouches and scrap the rest. Nice idea though. I am going to be painting an entire Chaos warhost using the fallen angel (pre-heresy black) colour scheme.

Gavin Schofield said...

It's true that there are far too many accessories, a pre-heresy marine should not really be religious in the slightest, so the icons make little sense. I really can't be bothered removing them though, so they are staying.

I'm finishing this model right now, using Badab Black to reduce the rubbishness of the highlighted black, and just generally painting it to a higher standard. Will post the finished model sometime.

deadratman said...

2 much items! o and yes there was m6 armour before the heresy. on my shelf i have a white dwarf magazine from 1988 that states that about a month before horus was wounded on darwin. mars technitians developed a prototype of m6 arour. then as the rebellion erupted the armour finnally came into mass production. and besides there is no heresy armour models anyways. so let the modelers out there do what they want with there ideas and paints and green stuff

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