Thursday, 16 August 2007

Blood Angels vs Tau

Earlier today the Blood Angels of the 3rd Company took to the field under my command for the second time, once more against the corrupt xenos species known as "Tau". Scum.

I chose my army very carefully. Sam was expecting me to deploy very little on the board at the start, and then move in several assault squads - so he chose plenty of maneuverable suits with short range heavy weapons, and two hammerhead gunships that the Assault Squads would be unable to destroy. Knowing this, I decided to abandon my usual army lists, and took three squads of Devastators, backed up by plenty of infantry.

My numerous Heavy Bolters chewed through the Fire Warrior squads easily in the first few turns and sniper fire kept his men pinned down. While this was going on, my Terminators and Tactical Marines advanced unscathed towards his line - it looked like my plan was going to work perfectly, until his reinforcements arrived.

Sam must have breathed a sigh of relief as his Hammerheads arrived, and killed an entire scout squad with one shot. I bet he was crying inside when one Lascannon armed marine killed all 3 of his tanks one after the other. The arrival of the Death Company was timely indeed, as they charged the same turn as my Terminators, and wiped out the rest of his infantry. At the end of the game all that was left were his Crisis and Stealth suits, hiding behind some rocks. In Sam's defense my army list was not what he expected at all, and he had the bad luck that I usually get.

So far my Blood Angels are undefeated, I hope it lasts....

Here's my army list:

Captain Adeon - Power Fist, Plasma Pistol

Chaplain Grimmauld - Jump Pack

10 Death Company - Jump Packs

5 Terminators - Assault Cannon

5 Scouts - Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher

10 Tactical Marines - Power Sword, Flamer, Lascannon

10 Tactical Marines - Power Fist, Flamer, Lascannon

10 Devastators - 4 Heavy Bolters

10 Devastators - 4 Heavy Bolters

10 Devastators - 4 Multi Meltas

I loved using this list, the Terminators especially are fantastic. They seem to be able to survive anything that gets thrown at them, so they'll be in many of the lists I write in future. The sniper scouts were impressive for their points, I'm certain they'll see plenty of action too.

The main mistake in this list were the Multi Meltas, they needed to be much closer to do some damage, so I won't take them without a transport in future, unless the enemy plan on coming towards me. I would have been much better served by taking a second Heavy Bolter squad, or maybe an Assault Squad.


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