Tuesday, 7 August 2007

News - Space Marine Apocalypse Releases

Stolen from Bell of Lost Souls, here are some pictures of the new Space Marine units for Codex:Apocalypse. First up is the Land Raider Terminus, a new Raider variant. It has many, many Lascannons but no transport capability - making it the opposite of the Crusader.

Here we have the new "Masters of the Chapter", which is a collection of 4 Company Captains. I love these models, and will definitely be getting them to use. Being a fool, I've been planning to make models for all 10 Blood Angels Company Captains, and this set will definitely help me along the way. Add to these 4 the original metal models, I have 6 of the 10 models covered already! I just need to add 4 Plastic Commanders, and I'm good.

Bigger pictures here.

- Gavin

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