Monday, 6 August 2007

Mega Battle - 2000pt Eldar

Well, here's my list for the pretty huge battle that we'll be having. It's only 2000 points because I will be allied with Gav.


1 Farseer - singing spear, spirit stones, runes of witnessing, mind war, doom and eldritch storm

1 Farseer - singing spear, spirit stones, runes of witnessing, mind war, fortune and eldritch storm


2 Guardian squads with 11 men, eldar missile launcher and warlock with singing spear and conceal

2 Guardian squads with 11 men, scatter laser and warlock with singing spear and conceal

10 Dire Avengers including exarch with dire sword and bladestorm

1 Wave Serpent with twin-linked shuriken cannons and vectored engines


6 Striking Scorpions including exarch with scorpions claw and shadowstrike

6 Fire Dragons including exarch with dragon's breath flamer and crack shot

Heavy Support

1 Falcon Grav Tank with scatter laser, holo field and spirit stones

1 Fire Prism with shuriken cannon, holo field and spirit stones

5 Dark Reapers including exarch with eldar missile launcher and fast shot

In total I actually managed to use exactly 2000 points, I've mainly just gone with what I have and tried to proxy as little as possible. The list is subject to change depending on Gav's list.

- Brad


Sam Carter said...

I would possibly change the guy with fortune to have Guide instead of one of the other two powers. Put him at the back with the Dark Reapers......

Brad Fuller said...

Yeah but if he's at the back with the Dark Reapers, he can't use his other two powers. Guided reapers would be tasty, but you're likely going to go for them first anyway.

Sam Carter said...

If I can get at them. Remember, I have Death Company, Assault Marines, etc all flying my way as well as other troops of yours. And I forgot the rules of fortune, thought it was for the whole of your army :S

You could just have the other farseer like that instead :P

Brad Fuller said...

Fortune is short range, as is guide so it would make sense to have them together, but the problem is that one is still going to be made less useful at the back. I mainly just took fortune to use when the other powers aren't in range, to give a bit of support to whoever the Farseer is with.

Sam Carter said...

And there go the days that Brad could use an all powerful seer council to wreck havoc. Perhaps have the seer running up to support the scorpions for support purposes then.

Gavin Schofield said...

Look like a good list. 2 Farseers will be nasty, as will 2 Grav-Tanks. I'm glad I'm alongside this list and not against it!

Gavin Schofield said...

Post 2!

Only just noticed the Wave Serpent - not too sure of it yet. With my entire army in reserve, you'll want to have as many men on the board at the start so we have an early advantage, we won't see much of the hard hitters arriving till the mid to end game.

With the avengers bumped into reserve, you're denying yourself 10 men at the start.

It's your half of the list at the end of the day though, so you can do what you want with it. I'd be tempted to drop it for a Wraithlord .

Brad Fuller said...

A wraithlord would get chewed by Tau guns though, and I think the Dire Avengers will be particularly hard hitting in the way they're going to attack. Plus the Wraithlords are heavy support now, not elites, so it would mean dropping either the falcon, prism or reapers.

Brad Fuller said...

Although seeing as your entire army is in reserve at the start, I may want the Dire Avengers on the board. Perhaps I could put the dragons in the wave serpent, then swap them for the avengers duting the battle (although they probably won't even be alive by then).

Sam Carter said...

If you are having the Dragons in the Wave Serpent, it'll be an attached unit so you can't put the avengers in there.

Brad Fuller said...

Says the man who attempted to take a Devilfish on it's own...

Sam Carter said...

Indeed :D

Anyway, has everyone commented on the Battle Report?

Fritz said...

I see you have holo-fields on your vehicles. How did/do they seem to work out. I use them on my Vypers making them very expensice but it seem as Eldar you need them.

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