Monday, 10 September 2007

2000 points of Tau

Well I decided to write up a list for the next battle to try and combat either Space Marines or Eldar. Its just a slight deviation of my standard list with a few things that I would like to try:

2,000pt Tau List

Command Squad

Shas'O with plasma rifle, missile pod, shield generator, multi-tracker, drone controller with two gun drones and stimulant injector
Shas'vre with twin-linked plasma rifle, shield generator, target lock & drone controller with two gun drones.
Shas'vre with twinlinked missile pod, shield generator, target lock & drone controller with two gun drones.
They are bonded.

Stealth team 5 Stealth Suits, one upgraded to shas'vre with fusion blaster. Bonded

Monat -Shas'vre with air burster fragmentation projector, burst cannon, shield generator with multi-tracker.

3 Fire Warrior Squads Each have 12 members, with an upgraded Shas'ui. The Shas'ui has a markerlight and target lock. The teams are bonded.

Vespids 1 Strain leader with 10 Stingwings

Pathfinders with Devilfish 6 Pathfinders with upgraded Shas'ui. 3 have rail-rifles
The Devilfish has decoy launchers, a disruption pod, multi-tracker, targetting array and target lock

Hammerhead Railgun and burst cannons. Also has decoy launchers, disruption pod, multi-tracker & target lock with a blacksun filter

Hammerhead Ion Cannon and smart missile system. Also has decoy launchers, disruption pod, multi-tracker & target lock with a seeker missile

Sniper Teams 2 Sniper teams

Total - 2'000pts

Basically, I've modeled my army to be good against most things. I love the command squad. Most people hate the idea of putting too many eggs in one basket, but this kitted out squad can just about take any unit on - marine hunting with the plasma, tank busting with the missile pods and mass infantry killing with the drones and other weapons, plus they're hard as nails. The gun drones can be expected to die, however they do help add more shots to the unit and obscure the suits.

My stealth team is my signature piece. I love these guys, partly because everyone else hates them. They pop out, shoot you and pop back again whilst you find it extremely hard to hit them because of the stealth generators. I upgraded them with a fusion blaster in case I have to go tank hunting too, although looking at the amount of tank piercing guns I have it shouldn't be too bad unless I'm against the land raider (which I may be playing either alongside or against next game).

The Monat can be changeable if need be, this is my mass infantry killing unit and the bane of Eldar Guardians. The fragmentation projector ignores their armour and any cover save before pinning them. He would be good as well if any marine squad bunches up.

Fire Warriors are my usual fire base, 3 squads should provide some nice covering fire as well as some useful markerlights.

Pathfinders are an interesting unit. They function both as a sniper unit and as a markerlighting one. Their rules provide easy deep strikes and allow my pathfinders to come up with an extra move before the start, useful sometimes if I want to deceive the opponent as well as making the devilfish automatically become a unit which you have to glance rather than penetrate.

Vespids are the reserves. With their fast movement and short range marine hunter guns, they will protect the fire warriors against assault squads such as the death company. With markerlights these guys are renowned for destroying large chunks of squads in one turn of shooting.

Again two hammerheads, with two different functions. You may have noticed the rail-gun one has a blacksun filter. Considering the different types of games and the chance of having a night fighting game, I thought it wise to equip it with a blacksun filter so it could see a maximum of 72 inches (4d6 * 3), the maximum range of its gun and be able to hide away from those tank hunters. The battlesuits have acute sense, making them likely to see fairly well whilst the other hammerhead can fire up to 24" guaranteed with its smart missile system.

As for the snipers, in the last battle they certainly scared Brad and Gav as well as distracting them. As a result I will use them to either draw fire or do some damage to any squads getting near me.

Hopefully this should be a good list.

- Sam


Gavin Schofield said...

This is my favorite of your lists so far, it should be able to deal with most threats.

Sam Carter said...

I hope so. I found the elements of it pretty effective and we know that the command squad frequently survives after each battle. Need to calculate whether they reach their points cost though......

Mind you, if they are against some dreads and termies and wipe them out, that would be cool. They'll probably eventually make their points up in a game.

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