Monday, 10 September 2007

Deathwatch WiP

Now I've finished and posted my scouts, I'm gonna show you what I'm working on at the minute.

I've got a 10 man Deathwatch Kill Team on the go, led by a Librarian. Although I'll only be able to use them in friendly games they look awesome, are quick to paint (being all black) and would make a very good Kill Team. Besides, who can miss out on Assault 3 Heavy Bolters?

Above is the painting so far - the Black Templar is more or less done, the other two are at varying stages.

Below is another model I'm working on, the Captain of the 8th Company. I want to model and paint all 10 Captains of the Blood Angels, and this will be the first.

You can see a picture of the Captain unpainted in this old post.


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