Monday, 10 September 2007

Forge World - New IG Tank / Tau Remora

I saw these on WarSeer today, and decided they're so cool they have to go on here. Behold:

It's a Macharius Super-Heavy with Vulcan Mega Bolters! This thing is a beast, and a snap at 450 points. More pictures are available here. The Mega Bolters are Heavy 15, S6 AP3 weapons, so not something you'd want to mess with - from the looks of it they might be twin linked.

The second Forge World item we have here is the new Tau Remora fighter drone. This is an armour 10 skimmer with Stealth Generator, Networked Markerlight, Seeker Missile, Targeting Array and twin linked 36" range Burst Cannons, 110 points. It can be upgraded with a Blacksun Filter if need be.

More pictures are available here, and rules for both are available for download here. Note that the points cost for the Macharius is wrong on the PDF (it should be 375 basic cost, +80 for the weapons), and the Remora is labeled as a Leman Russ. That's the legendary Forge World proof readers for you.


Sam Carter said...

2d6*3 for generator?

Gavin Schofield said...

Standard Stealth generator. I think.

Sam Carter said...

No, the standard one is 2d6*3, I think they've got the figures wrong and said 3d6*3, which, when you consider it, is pretty crap. 54" range maximum to hit it? 36" range is better. It won't fit its points cost if its 3d6*3

Sorry if I sounded cryptic, I was busy on the phone at the time.

Gavin Schofield said...

It's ok, I had no idea what you were talking about for a minute.

Since it's listed as a Leman Russ, and "Heavy Support - 1-3 may be taken as a fast attack choice" we can safely assume that they've got the stealth generator wrong too. We'll have to wait for proof read rules to be sure.

Sam Carter said...

Yeah that might help. It would be crap if it had that generator.

Gavin Schofield said...

There's new rules for the Remora online now, have a look.

Sam Carter said...

Better, but still got the stealth generator wrong.

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