Sunday, 9 September 2007

40K Mission Generator

Here's the Scenario Generator table we'll probably be using from now on. I've missed out what I consider the worst of the missions, and mixed the special rules used up as well. All missions use Victory Points unless stated otherwise in the mission description.

D20 Roll Mission Played Page No. Rules Used
1 Breakout 213 None
2 Rescue 190 Reserves
3 Night Fight 191 Night Fighting, Infiltrate
4 Ambush 206 Hidden Set Up, Divided Force, Reserves
5 Rearguard 212 Hidden Set Up, Deep Strike, Infiltrate, Divided Force
6 - - As above with Night Fighting
7 Patrol 191 Escalation, Reserves, Deep Strike, Infiltrate
8 - - Random Game Length, Reserves
9 - - None
10 Take and Hold 83 Escalation, Reserves, Deep Strike, Infiltrate
11 - - None
12 Recon 83 Dawn, Infiltrate
13 - - Infiltrate, Forced Deep Strike*
14 Cleanse 81 Escalation, Reserves, Deep Strike, Infiltrate
15 - - Dawn, Infiltrate
16 - - None
17 Seek and Destroy 82 Escalation, Reserves, Deep Strike, Infiltrate
18 - - Dawn, Infiltrate, Reserves, Deep Strike
19 - - Night Fighting, Infiltrate
20 - - None

* = All units that can Deep Strike (for no extra cost) must start in reserves and enter via Deep Strike on the usual turn.



Sam Carter said...

hmmm, interesting Mission Generator. Just reading up on the tau rules and I think you will hate my army with night fighting. Markerlights circumvent the roll for distance seen and battlesuits can re-roll their distance seen too. plus the half range for stealths and sniper squads.

Sam Carter said...

Actually, sorry, I was mistaken for the half range for stealth field generators, it only applies to the 3rd Edition Tau, damn, I liked it until that point. However, they do have acute senses.

Gavin Schofield said...

I'm not a fan of night-fighting, but I've added it in to missions that require a whole army to deploy on the board - this should offset the first turn advantage slightly.

Sam Carter said...

yeah, I think I would lose my far shooting ability with it though, for rail guns and ion cannons. Tanks would definitely be more effective.

Anonymous said...

needs updating for 5th edition

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