Friday, 21 September 2007

A few formatting changes.....

I'm fiddling around with the blog a bit while my paints are boxed up, so there will be a few changes. I'm planning to reorganise the links/sidebar, change the colours a bit and maybe add some graphics, so at least I'll be doing something to the blog while I'm decorating.

I've recently subscribed to Google Analytics, which kicks ass. I can now see the operating system, web browser, resolution and location of people reading, and even see how they stumbled here. So far we've had several people looking for Eldar Flags, Baal Predator Painting Guides and Vespid Tactica's. It's just a pity we only have one of those on here at the moment - I may have to add a painting guide for my upcoming Baal, just to add another. I'm not doing any flags though! We're getting around 5-10 different people a day, which is nothing compared to most websites (even my own forum gets around 20-30!), but much better than it was last month. We're getting there slowly, I just need to add something worth reading.

- Gavin

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